Although our procurement emphasis will always be local, where this is not possible the finest produce is sourced via direct imports from around the World. Our area of expertise will always be fresh produce but in order to fulfil the growing demands of our customers we have seen our product portfolio expand to include a comprehensive range of Dairy, Frozen and Dry goods.

We also offer an extensive range of bespoke prepared produce. We have made a conscious decision not to move into the mass market of machine driven prep rooms and we are very proud of the results and the flexibility we are able to offer our customers in this area.
There’s a lot of work that goes into our Prepared Produce to help us go that extra mile:
  • All of our prepared produce is made on site.
  • We only use top-quality produce and refuse to compromise on quality in our prep room – meaning we prepare all our products from class 1 produce.
  • We prepare much of our prepared produce by hand to replicate that hand-made feel
  • As our potatoes are prepared fresh to order we only apply a small concentration of salt solution which avoids unsightly residue
  • We prepare produce the night before for the following days delivery ensuring no carrying forward of stock and ultimate freshness and quality